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25 August

Why BigDog T2000?

13/05/2021, 3:20PM

With the EPA having increased powers from the 1st of July 2021 to prevent harm to public health and the environment from pollution and waste, now is the time to act. With this revision to the Environmental protection Amendment Act 2017, the EPA will have enhanced powers to issue stronger sanctions and penalties to hold environmental polluters to account.

One of the focal changes in the Act is the general environmental duty (GED); what this means in a nutshell is, if you conduct activities that pose a risk to human health and the environment, you must understand those risks . You must also take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise those risks.

If anyone is found to be negligent; in an Australian first, the GED is criminally enforceable. You can read more about these changes by following the link below.

Last year, a concrete plant was fined $11,878.00 for failing to prevent slurry from entering storm water and neighbouring land and were thus forced to implement a management system to prevent this from occurring again. The court’s decision in this case is a clear message to the industry that all businesses must prevent pollution and waste from their premises!

With the BigDog T2000 on your work site you will ahead of the game and have ensured you have taken reasonable steps to control and process slurry/washout waste on site.

This is the most cost effective and practical way to manage construction wash out and slurry on site. Our system can even process water based and acrylic paint washout water.

Contact Slurry Solutions Australia for more information.

Click on our Gallery to see how else this amazing and versatile product can be used, and Contact Us if you are ready to put SlurrySafe AR to work.


David Adrian

Years ago, I got hurt really badly when I used Hydrochloric Acid to clean up some brick repair work on my barbecue area. This time I used SlurrySafe AR, and there was no danger at all. Didn't even have to use gloves.

Allex Merry

This SlurrySafe product almost sounds too good to be true. But we used it ourselves and I saw first hand that it works exactly like they show on the demo videos. And it really was not harmful to our skin. Thank you Slurry Solutions Australia.

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