• Hazardous of Traditional Acids
25 August

Hazardous Effects of Traditional Acids

27/5/2019, 11:0 AM

Protecting our workers and our environment is of paramount importance to us at Slurry Solutions Australia. Hydrochloric acid is a toxic chemical that poses numerous health risks to those who work with it. People may be exposed to the ill effects by either breathing it in, or allowing it to come into contact with their skin.

Unfortunately, injuries involving workplace exposure are quite common, even if they are preventable with proper safety standards. In comparison, SlurrySafe AR (the AR stands for Acid Replacement) is a non-corrosive, non-hazardous substance that can replace the need for muriatic acids in many of its usages.

The link below offers further information about the harmful effects of Hydrochloric Acid to people and to our environment.

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David Adrian

Years ago, I got hurt really badly when I used Hydrochloric Acid to clean up some brick repair work on my barbecue area. This time I used SlurrySafe AR, and there was no danger at all. Didn't even have to use gloves.

Allex Merry

This SlurrySafe product almost sounds too good to be true. But we used it ourselves and I saw first hand that it works exactly like they show on the demo videos. And it really was not harmful to our skin. Thank you Slurry Solutions Australia.

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