Frequently Asked Questions


What is SlurrySafe?

SlurrySafe is a Patented Synthetic Acid Replacement. 100% Biodegradable. Triple Zero Hazardous Material Score.

Is SlurrySafe an Acid?

No, SlurrySafe is not an acid, but acts similar to full strength hydrochloric acid.

What Can SlurrySafe Clean?

Slurry build-up, Concrete, Stucco, Brick, Stone, Plaster, Sheetrock Mud, Hard Water Scale, Etc.

Will SlurrySafe Neutralize High pH Waste Water?

Yes, SlurrySafe has a pH of below 1 and is effective on reducing high pH water.

Can I Clean Equipment?

Yes, SlurrySafe is very effective on cleaning equipment that has dried slurry build-up. Pressure wash to remove the heavy build-up, then spray on the surface to clean down to metal surface and rinse off.

Will SlurrySafe Damage Paint?

No, SlurrySafe will not damage paint, rubber, hoses, or most metals. Do not soak aluminium or soft metal parts which could etch.

Can SlurrySafe Clean Diamond Tools?

Yes, Soak Tools in SlurrySafe to remove build-up in tooling. The Velcro backing will also be cleaned.

What is SlurrySafe?


Can SlurrySafe Etch Concrete?

Yes, do not clean equipment on finished floors. Clean in a contained area and recycle liquid for compliant disposal. If needed, SlurrySafe can be used as a grinding aid for hard trowelled concrete surfaces.

Do I need to Neutralize after using SlurrySafe?

Yes, it is advised to neutralize to stop the cleaning action. Neutralization can be accomplished with water or a high pH solution rinse. Flash rusting could occur due to the bare metal oxidation. This is not damaging, but oil spray is recommended for appearance.

Does SlurrySafe remove Oil from Concrete Surface?

Yes, scrub into oil stains to emulsify oil and vacuum. Repeat until clean. Rinse and neutralize for best results.