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Big Dog Bin

These bins are used for filtering solids and water containment. The lid and bag hooks are included.

Big Dog Bin Dimension: L-1150m, W-1340, H-1040mm

Top Hat Lid Dimensions: L-1170, W-1380, H-300mm



A Great tool for transferring a large amount of wastewater in a short time!

• Pump 80 - 100 Liters a minute continuously without clogging;

• Attaches to a pressure washer and turns it into a high output pump;

• Vaccums up liquid wastewater at a ratio of 1:11;

• Small, light and durable;

• Great for wastewater, flood cleanup, car wash pits, draining pools or chemical spills.


Slurry Waste Management Bin

An easy to use mobile and lightweight slurry filtration system. Simply separate solids using SlurrySep floc; then pour the water into the slurry cart. Solids will remain in the filter bag, and the clear water will drain out. Once the solids are dry, they can be disposed into a bin.

Below is a quick demonstration video we have done that shows our Waste Management Bin in action (if viewing on a portable device, turn it sideways)...